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Sources of additional information on the software development process

So far we've achieved what we achieved by constantly improving our skills, reading and analysing industry experience. Those are management books we've read, respect, and use in our work.

Managing the Professional Service Firm

Author: David Maister Feedback: This is the core book about software development process as-is. Without this our business was like going in dark room without light. Now we are greatly improved that, and still going on the way of numerious useful advices given to us.

The Ideal Executive

Author: Ichak Adizes Feedback: This book changed our understanding of the people which are needed to build successfull company and the process required to get all running.

Competing in the basis of speed

Author: Mary Poppendieck This video illustrates all the core principles which are good to use when creating software.

Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change

Our process was initially setup by this book, and later was extended.


It was the first book which explained the difference of work conditions and how they affect the productivity.

Death March: The Complete Software Developer's Guide to Surviving 'Mission Impossible' Projects

Author: Edward Yourdon Tells us about the common management mistakes of agreeding on project terms & features before actual negotiation with team, and similar pitfalls which could make project mission impossible.

Waltzing with Bears

From the authors of PeopleWare: Tom De Marco and Timothy Lister this book teach us how to properly do risk management on a software projects.

Coding Slave by Bob Reselman

Good book on software development management problems with some humor. Author: Bob Reselman

Rapid Development

Steve McConnel is one of popular and high quality authors in software development world. All books are great to read are most full with details on the topic.

Producing Open Source software

Great book explaining all the details for producing open source software. by: Karl Fogel

Software project survieval guide

Another great book from Steve McConnel

Coder to Developer: Tools and Strategies for Delivering Your Software

Explains on how to extend your vision to the non-coding tasks requied for software product.