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What we do

We are developing complex web sites & services

We are doing the same thing over many years. While technology change, the core point of our development activity is about 'complex' things.

Your project may have one or more of the following typical characteristics, which could make it interesting for us:

  • Complex business logic rules
  • High network load - a lot of network connections
  • A lot of simultaneous online users (hundreds, thousands)
  • Large database size
  • Complex mathematical calculations
  • Thousands of lines of project source code
  • Communications with various sub-systems (API to external services)

Why we do it

In fact we always strive for the most complicated system to build. This is due following reasons:

  • Usually we have necessary 'start' technical level
  • We want to improve our skills
  • We have successfull previous exeperience in building large scale, real time, complicated systems