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Prove that small team can be very effective in both cost and speed by providing excellent development and support services.

Understand software creation process

So far, the executives of previous companies, where I've worked in, were really far from understanding the needs of typical software developer. This includes the understanding of software developmnt cycle, the difficulties of hiring new people, understanding the needs for proper software testing, and many other small issues.

The company itself has been made as a form of protest against a few typical pitfalls of bigger companies we've worked in. Typically, we disagree that getting at office at certain time always adds the value to the project, or wearing business suit makes you better developer.

Instead the control is only applied to the necessary areas and processes in a project, and it also depends on a typical project needs and rules set per project manager.

In UA2WEB we provide more freedom to developers and this releases creativity and allows people to concentrate on producing better software.

This kind of approach usually requires self-organized persons, with a great self-motivation in producing quality software.