Ukrainian development team - advanced web sites & services

What we do

We aim to know one thing, and know it well. Our choice of Python language and Django framework has proven great success for our customers. As part of our service line we offer dev-ops and automation of development and deployment.

How we do it

There should be balance between creative work and continuing project support tasks. We maintain this balance via clearly explained roles and processes and we believe that the more we automate, the better. Tools: Redmine, Jabber, Slack, HG and/or GIT.

Technology we use

Python, Django, Javascript, Twisted, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached, Redis, Web Sockets, KVM, Zabbix, Ansible ...

Who we are

We are small team of software developers. The core team now consists from 10 people, although some part time workers are also available. We tend to gather people, which are proactively doing their work to avoid extra management overhead.


Prove that small team can be very effective in both cost and speed by providing excellent development and support services.

Project showcases

Excellent work. Would recommend or rehire in a second. -tdeveson for development
March 17, 2013
Fully finished deployment for docker private repository to be used with development mashines of our customer. This proof-of-concept worked well.
Mobile version of Chalkface
March 10, 2015
Today we've released mobile version of
ICINGA2 monitoring deployed
March 2, 2015
Full integration of Icinga2 monitoring suite for deployment system.
Jan. 15, 2015
We made full switch from RackSRV colocation to new Linode cluster of project using Ansible deployment tool.